MPG Marathon 2015

Dates announced for 2015 MPG Marathon!

The MPG Marathon will take place at Heythrop Park Resort, in Oxfordshire on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th September 2015.


Open to all production cars and commercial vehicles, it challenges competitors to find the most efficient route between set checkpoints, and to use as little fuel as possible over the two-day, 300-mile event.


Continuing to evolve, vehicles are tracked in real-time to verify the routes taken, and the 2014 line-up included the first of what's expected to be a growing category of electric entrants, competing to use as little energy as possible while covering the same distance as their petrol and diesel counterparts.


With unstable fuel prices representing a substantial cost for private drivers and businesses, the MPG Marathon regularly attracts a high level of media interest. The BBC has covered four of the last five years and, with many motoring journalists competing, it generates extensive coverage across print, digital and broadcast formats.

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Vehicle Classes

Vehicle classes in this year's MPG Marathon.

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